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Ewa with a W, part 1

Updated: Mar 1, 2020

This week's art work group gives me a chance to demonstrate some of my, for want of a better word, method. Ewa was the model and she wore a beautiful burgundy gown.

These four photos were from one of the 40 minute poses and show the same painting at different stages. I have been using pre-coloured paper for my gouache paintings in recent weeks. In this case I used a piece of oil sketch paper painted with a light blue-grey acrylic gesso.

First I did a rough charcoal sketch of Ewa.

Then I rubbed away most of the charcoal to just leave an outline. I then used a dark gouache paint (I usually use Prussian blue) to outline the figure and other details of the painting (not shown).

This third photograph shows the painting after I have applied darks in the shadows and used pale Naples yellow mixed with white for highlights.

Here is the final painting from this pose, gouache on oil sketch paper, 43 cm by 61 cm.

I'll post more on this session with Ewa soon.

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