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taking lines for walks

Updated: Jan 17, 2020

Abstract artist Peter Griffen stresses the technique of taking a line for a walk as a way of getting into abstract and non-representational drawing and painting.

We used this technique for exaggerating figure drawing at Peter's workshop on Colour, Abstraction and Acrylics, the Figure and Still Life at the ASOC Summer Art Experience.

This painting began by taking a line for a walk over some treated paper and then working that into a figure painting.

Here is a series of different states of a painting of our model Holly. First up is the original quick painting from a 10 minute pose - you can also see the marks of random paint blobs on the paper support.

Here is the same painting in its next state. Peter also mentioned three principles to apply to abstract painting: Decorate, Destroy or Echo. These principles wee all applied to this representational painting.

The strange leg like structure at the bottom left copped resistance from both abstract artist Peter Griffen and at home, so here is the painting in its current state.

The science lab motif is evident in this painting with a sketchy periodic table in the upper right side.

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