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Pattern procedure

This post shows some of the steps involved in creating my recent mixed media art work "8836 Seam allowance included".

First I prepared the canvas with pink acrylic paint and laid down the first pattern - purple floral shapes inspired by Canberra's floral emblem - the Royal Bluebell.

In the next stage I coated the first layer with a water based sealer (Mod Podge) and then placed an old sewing pattern over it. It did not matter that the sewing pattern was completely flat on the surface, the odd bump here and there adds character to the finished work.

When the surface had dried I applied another coat of Mod Podge. Mod Podge dries clear and allows the text on the sewing pattern stand out against the painted pattern on the first layer.

For the last stage of the work I added a female figure in a summer dress with a bluebell pattern echoing the first layer, together with a stylised image of a dressmaker's mannequin.

I think it's finished. Check out more detail on this art work at this post.

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