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Lively life drawing and painting

We had a great time at this week's ASOC Portrait and Life drawing workshop, with shake up to our working arrangements.

We decided to do shorter warm-up poses (eg three 30 second poses drawn on one sheet of paper and a series of 1 minute poses). Peter, an experienced artist and life model, was well-suited to this method. Here are the works from the longer poses (35-40 minute poses, all gouache on coloured oil sketch paper 43 cm by 61 cm).

And here is the first effort of the day - overlaid sketches from three thirty-second poses of the same stance from three different angles (charcoal on newsprint, 51 cm by 74 cm).

You have to be quick - I like these fast sketches from the one minute poses.

Here's a sketch from a five minute pose.

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