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la vie en rose

A return visit by Zoe as our model today at the ASOC Portrait and Life drawing Workgroup.

Zoe sported an apricot/pink skirt today (which most of us rendered in pink due to limited our colour palettes).

First up is my main long sketch for the day (40 minutes). Pencil, charcoal, chalk, and conte crayon on cartridge paper, 50 cm by 70 cm.

My work group colleagues were really enjoying the above pose so Zoe continued with it for another 40 minutes. Rather than over-work my drawing I experimented with a rapidly drawn series of drawings in pencil, charcoal, soft pastel and chalk (all on cartridge paper 42.5 cm by 59.5 cm).

The first one is a more traditional effort but following that are one using just four drawing implements - narrow willow charcoal, dark compressed charcoal, white chalk and white soft pastel.

These were done:

# without lifting each drawing implement from the page; then

# without lifting each drawing implement from the page but using my wrong hand (ie my left hand); then

# the same technique but without looking at the model for the first three minutes.

These experiments were both fun and a great way of releasing creative energy.

Lastly, two of the five minute sketches from the start of the day's workshop. Again pencil, charcoal and chalk, cartridge paper, 42.5 cm by 59.5 cm.

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