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Fiona and Eve

I have been busy getting ready for the ASOC Spring Exhibition so I haven't posted up last week's portrait and figure drawing session.

So today it is some photos from two sessions: Eve was our model this week, Fiona modelled last week - where she drew comments from some in our group that she reminded us of James Dean.

I have done much editing of these photos to correct for distortion but here we go:

Fiona - first a quick charcoal drawing on cartridge paper, followed by a longer conte crayon drawing of the same pose; then another conte crayon drawing of Fiona reclining; then two from the same pose - a long charcoal drawing on cartridge paper and its companion quick sketch on butchers paper; and finally three quick charcoal sketches from the start of the session.

Then from this week it is some poses from Eve. Long pose in conte crayon on cartridge paper, followed by a quick sketch of the same pose in charcoal; then two from long poses on cartridge paper (one using watercolour pencil, and the other one using charcoal and soft pastel); finally two 5 minute sketches on butchers paper.

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