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Butterfly effect - Ewa I redux

I had a little play with one of Tuesday's paintings of Ewa. I didn't like a wedge of Prussian blue paint portraying the butterfly patterned sheet covering the chair Ewa was sitting in. I felt that it formed a bit of an unattractive block and that the image would be more appealing by depicting more of Ewa's dress.

One useful facet of coating the surface (wallpaper) with mod podge is that it means that paint can be scraped off relatively easily. This can be seen in the series of images below.

Panel A is the art work as executed at the Workgroup on Tuesday.

In Panel B you can see that I have scraped a triangle of Prussian blue from the mod podge coated wallpaper, revealing some of its pattern. This would be impossible if the acrylic paint had been applied directly to a canvas or paper.

Panel C shows some over-painting (including adding some feelers to the butterflies on the blue sheet).

After the painting was dry I applied some matte varnish. This seals the image in place and it is now virtually impossible to scrape back any more paint.

Here's the image of Ewa seated with a parasol in its current state.

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