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Back from WA and a return to ASOC's Portrait and Figure Work Group. This week's model was Fiona - in a return visit but this time not looking like James Dean.

First up my favourite drawing of the session - charcoal and chalk on water colour paper, 59 cm by 42 cm.

As an experiment I tried some oil pastels for the last 10 minutes of the above pose. Keeping turps-like media out of the ASOC studio meant that this drawing was a bit scratchy. Here's a photo of the drawing done at the work group followed by the same drawing worked over with my old stand by Medium number 4 and some re-drawing. On oil sketch paper, 61 cm by 43 cm.

To deal with the lack of flow from the pastels, I brought out my gouache paints for these two poses, both done on water colour paper, 59 cm by 42 cm.

Lastly, the quick drawings from the 5 minute poses at the start of the session, charcoal and chalk on newsprint. Big sheets.

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