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Sticky situation

Week 4 of this term of ASOC's portrait and life drawing Workgroup. And a rookie mistake from me. Not once but twice. Some old masking tape in the bottom of my drawing materials box saved the day.

It's been a long time since I have miscalculated the placement of the figure on the page but this week I didn't leave enough room for Eve's feet. However, I liked the drawing so much that I improvised and continued the drawing onto the newsprint paper underneath the cartridge paper.

I am sure that this is a big no-no in art circles (whatever they are). Anyway I went and did it again. So here we are, two drawings of Eve on cartridge paper(mostly!), charcoal, pencil, chalk and conte crayon (approx 41 cm by 50 cm, duration approx 25 minutes).

Another two ~20 minute drawings of Eve (charcoal on cartridge paper, approx 41 cm by 50 cm)

Finally, here's a quick sketch of Eve looking up (charcoal on newsprint, 50 cm by 75.5 cm, duration under 10 minutes).

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