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Spring exhibition hope springs eternal

The ASOC Spring Exhibition - our 80th - is scheduled for November this year. Hopefully we are out of Lockdown then. I'm readying my four works - getting some of them framed is a challenge.

I am aiming to have this portrait of Louise ready for the exhibition. I painted most of this work during one of the 40 minute poses at my portrait and life workgroup back in February. I was very pleased with my treatment of Louise's face.

Back then I used gouache over oil sketch paper primed with wonderful turquoise acrylic gesso. During Lockdown I did a fair bit of radical surgery on the lower half of the painting. This is the first time that I painted acrylic over gouache.

I had thought that was a no-no but I have since discovered that if you stabilise the surface properly there should be no problem applying the acrylic over the gouache as they are both water based.

Below - "Louise", acrylic and gouache on coloured oil sketch paper, 61cm by 42.5cm.

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