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Here's a catch up post about the Portrait and Figure Work Group. The ASOC Spring Exhibition has kept me from posting up news, so here are drawings of Michael, Lisa and Edward.

First up, a sketch of Michael. This is one of the 40 minute poses and I took three photos of the work in progress. Charcoal and water colour pencil on cartridge paper.

Next some charcoal drawings, a mix of 5 minute and longer drawings: charcoal pencil and white soft pastel, enlivened by some dark red conte crayon, all on cartridge paper.

Then it is a return visit from Lisa. Her first time as a figure model. First up three charcoal and soft pastel sketches on newsprint and one longer one on cartridge paper with some conte crayon.

Finally, Edward sat for us this week. This gouache on cartridge paper makes Edward look grumpy - he wasn't - but I think it has a pleasing quality.

Some more quick sketches of Edward in various poses. All charcoal (with some white soft pastel highlights) on newsprint.

To close this post is a gouache of Edward, thirty minute pose. I am pretty pleased with the two gouaches of Edward and intend to do a lot more in the next term of the Work Group. The Work Group is on term break now, so more posts in the near future.

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