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No worries

It was great to get away from the heat, the smoke and the hail by returning to the ASOC portrait and life drawing workgroup. Here are some of the works from week 1 of the new term. Victoria was the model.

I was pleased with the lively brush strokes and the contrast with this gouache painting from one of the 40 minute poses, (gouache on water colour paper, 50 cm by 70 cm).

Here is a different pose from another 40 minute pose, (gouache on water colour paper 50 cm by 70 cm).

The last picture in today's post is a charcoal sketch from one of the four minute poses, charcoal on newsprint (50 cm by 73 cm). It was a beautiful pose but when I asked Victoria what she was so worried about, most of the group replied "everything". With the workgroup resuming, I am not so sure about that.

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