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First Workgroup for 2023

Ewa returned as our first model at my ASOC Portrait and Life Workgroup for the year.

Usual set up - four five-minute sketches, then three 40 minute poses. I'm back trialling different surfaces to paint on.

I was happy with this one of Ewa wearing a very large hat. The surface was mod podge painted some pages cut out of an old Irish telephone directory (area 6, to be sure).

Another of the forty minute poses, Ewa with a parasol. This one was executed on wallpaper treated with mod podge. You can see some of the floral design of the wallpaper ghosting trough the lower part of Ewa's dress.

To finish, one of the charcoal sketches from a five minute pose. This pose had a regency period/Jane Austen air to it.

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