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Recycling old Facebook posts on a theme - part 1 of 2

Here's my proposal for a new on-line trading platform called Fingr.

Many weeks ago I stumbled on an artist's wooden hand manikin at the Discount Hut in the Jamison Centre. This'll be useful I thought - but it's a left hand.

Me to shop assistant: Do you have any right hands?

Shop assistant: No, they only make left hands.

Me: Ok. I'll take it.

So, I'm down in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago and I'm in Deans Art - they have right hands.

Me to shop assistant: by the way, do you sell left hands?

Shop assistant: No, they only make right hands.

Surely there is a market opportunity for a new Peer to Peer platform that will match artists' demands for ambidexterity?

Officeworks at Belconnen appears to stock right hands (see first picture).

My studio twofer also pictured.

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