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Blind art experience

I am really looking forward to the ASOC Summer Art Experience (Monday 7th to Friday 11th January next year). This will be my fourth time in attendance and I will be doing Pauline Adair's figure painting drawing class again. One thing I love about these classes is the quick sketching sessions and different techniques for improving your understanding of placing the human figure in space. Trawling through my map cabinet to set up this web site I uncovered a stack of quick sketches on newsprint or butchers paper. The first two are from the 2013 SAE.

These are blind sketches - one or two minutes of viewing the model but no looking at your paper while you draw. While results can vary widely with this technique, I was particularly pleased with the way they turned out.

The first - on the left - is a bloody mess and typical of what happens in these exercises. The one on the right is a rare beauty, with a lot of the marks in roughly the right places and good handling of the model's foreshortened right arm. If only I could attain that with my sketches where I can look at both the paper and the model.

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