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An epiphany in paper and glue

Today I feature two works I made in 2005 at one of my Putney School of Art and Design painting and drawing classes.

Both are collages made in the course of two 20 minute poses by the model (Annie). It is hard to overstate what a profound impact executing these two simple paper and glue works had on how I viewed my painting, especially when it comes to considering the interplay of tone, colour and shade.

The first - which I call "Original Art" due to the serendipitous appearance of those words in my pile of magazine cuttings - made me think about tone and modelling more than any of my artwork up to that time. On the day, it paid to be prepared as I had already sorted my paper strips into various colours before starting the work. All the paper was sourced from various glossy real estate magazines that happened to be lying around our house that morning. If you look closely you can see the going prices and addressees for houses and flats in West London at the time.

The second one, again of Annie, was made from different coloured tissue paper plus judicious use of pencil as time ran out. Both collages are 41 cm by 58 cm.

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